"Ci si chiede qual è la differenza tra un leader e un capo: il leader guida, il capo conduce"
Theodore Roosevelt

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Carrer Day 2011

career day


October 12th 2011

Catholic University
Milan, Gemelli Street

Even the non-profit field makes it’s début at the Career. The life of Pratheepa is an evidence of how rewarding this kind of career can be. She is a Sinhalese girl who was kidnapped by the Tamil Tigers and condemned to fight a bloody civil war; after one of her arms was seriously wounded during a battle, she was saved and put under the care of the volunteers from the Italian onlus @uxilia.

A big crowd visited the 6th edition in Milan of the Career Day, which was rich in novelties. As a matter of fact, among the more than 70 companies that participated in the event, the Career Day hosted for the first time two relevant branches of the job field: law firms and non profit associations.

As to the first category, it had a dedicated area where the stands of the most important forensic offices could be found; the initiative gained an immediate success.

It was an interesting test case for all those who built up their professional profile around social assistance and international diplomacy themes, and it could be a good chance to test their own capacities in practical terms.

The second great innovation was the Training Point at the 2011 Career Day. It was an area where young candidates had the chance to test the skills necessary to overcome the first selection obstacle. By reservation, students could challenge themselves with useful exercises like the simulation of a job interview (on their own, in a group and via Skype), the evaluation and correction of their own curriculum vitae, the graphology analysis of their own handwriting.

These services do not anyway cease together with the Career. They remain available for our students and graduates thanks to the training offered, in accordance with some companies, by the Stage & Placement Desk belonging to the Catholic University.

These services don’t anyway cease together with the Career. They remain at our students and graduates disposal, thanks to the trainings offered, in accordance with some companies, by the Stage & Placement Desk of the Catholic University.



Pratheepa is a former soldier girl. When she was 17 she was kidnapped by the Tamil Tigers, the movement that fights to gain independence for the North East part of Sri Lanka.

After taking her away from her family, the kidnappers/guerrilla fighters forced her to fight for them and she was freed only in 2009, when the conflict formally came to an end (even if the situation is still highly charged).

In 2006 – tells us Laura Boy, humanitarian cooperation responsible for @uxilia – Pratheepa almost completely lost the function of her left arm during a fighting and mainly because of the completely wrong surgery she underwent afterwards, which nearly led her to loose the arm and permanently compromised her left hand”. Her good luck has the name of Massimiliano Fanni Canelles, president of the @uxilia Foundation. His association, in cooperation with the Koinonia association, acts in the northern area of Sri Lanka since 2004 and is first in line in supporting widows from the Tamil conflict.

Pratheepa was able to reach Italy thanks to a 12 months sanitary visa; she’ll have to go back to Sri Lanka but @uxilia will keep helping her: “She’ll be supported thanks to a project resembling distance adoptions – Laura Boy says - , we’ll do our best to give her a job training and to grant her the amount of money necessary to start working, a sort of microcredit”.




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