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Presentation of the documentary "Sri Lanka: a new dawn" Auxilia Onlus for peace and reconciliation

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June 25, 2013 8.30pm

Balducci center
Pozzuolo del Friuli (Udine)

A documentary produced by @uxilia that tells its engagement in Sri Lanka, bringing witnesses and interviews that tell the plight of child soldiers.

Eight months after the work started, attended by the highest government authorities in Sri Lanka, was inaugurated in March in Kokkadicholai - one of the areas of Eastern Sri Lanka most affected by the war between the Tamil and Sinhalese - the Vocational Training Center for recovery and psychosocial health of former child soldiers and their mothers: currently there are about 300 thousand IDPs and 6 thousand small soldiers in Sri Lanka since the end of the conflict, and there are about 250 thousand child soldiers around the world. The Centre was conceived, designed and built by Auxilia.

Everything is told in the documentary "Sri Lanka, a new dawn" produced by Auxilia where some interviews tell the plight of child soldiers: thanks to Laura Boy, Head of International Cooperation of Auxilia Onlus, Valentina Volpe, project Officer Auxilia Onlus, Hiranti Wijemanne, Consultant advisor to the Ministries of Child Development and Women's Affairs and National Child Protection Authority and the Ministry of Justice, Harendra De Silva, former President of the NPCA National Child Protection Authority, Rajiva Wijesinha, Advisor to President Rajapakse, Anton Stanislaus, President of the Association of Koinonia, Pratheepa Balasooryan, former girl soldier. Directed, shot and edited by Thomas Wild Turolo, production Auxilia Onlus 2013.

The territory located in the southeast of Batticaloa has been one of the main centers of the recruitment of child soldiers, because of the extreme poverty and the total lack of protection towards early childhood. Auxilia has simultaneously promoted the international adoption to support poor families and the mother-child breakdown: in Sri Lanka, perhaps the most backward nation on the planet with respect to women's rights, the adult women without male parental rights' lose the right to raise their children: the Sinhalese Ministry of Justice assumes the inability of the mother to protect the child, and if a man or an institution guarantees economic coverage, then the juvenile court gives a judgment suspension until the permanence of such protection. The women of Sri Lanka must then be connected to the power of a man, even a stranger, which guarantees for them and makes them capable of raising their children. Distance support promoted by Auxilia search "parents" available to take the mother-infant pairs to allow the maintenance of the parental relationship and support of education and health. With distance adoption, Auxilia follows the children in various contexts of discomfort ensuring education and instruction until the age of 18.

@uxilia Onlus comes into contact with the reality of Sri Lanka in December 2004, following the tsunami disaster that claimed the lives of 31 thousand people. Sri Lanka is a social context in which sexual abuse are tacitly allowed and disseminated against children, so much so that there are an estimated 30% of the male population of abused and 20% of the female less than 5 years; @uxilia also records the recruitment of child soldiers carried out by the Tamil guerrillas and juvenile prisons crammed with minor children and young people for petty crimes from the age of 3 years. At the end of the war (2009) the survivors of the ethnic cleansing, almost three hundred thousand, were detained in military camps, prompting protests from the international community. Auxilia has led in recent years a campaign to help the Tamil population by building schools, maintaining a proper education, building training centers, adopting couples mothers / children and protecting them in special houses families, arguing with basic necessities floods and natural disasters, applying in the recovery of child soldiers.

Three more projects can be further developed by the action of Auxilia in Sri Lanka: an intervention linked to fair trade and sustainable tourism, to promote the economic development of the poorest areas of Sri Lanka with tourism opportunities related to natural beauty. This involves Sinhalese immigrants in Friuli Venezia Giulia and the human, cultural and micro-entrepreneurial heritage in Batticaloa; intervention of fair trade, alternative to conventional trade, to foster social and economic justice and ethical development through trade, education, culture and politics, eliminating intermediaries and speculators, promoting access to market conditions of disadvantaged producers in North Sri Lanka; Finally, an intervention for microcredit: local courses provides a theoretical and practical training to start activities that can produce an income. 30 women have been recruited and divided into sub-groups and participated in different training classes: This project falls within the perspective of the Millennium Development Goals of the United Nations for the year 2015 "Promote gender equality and empowering women."




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