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The emergency in Syria

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November 28 at 11am

Sala Atti Cacciaguerra
Trieste, Piazzale Europa 1

Speech by three experts Sebastian Nino Fezza, Shady Hamadi and Yakzan Shishakly who will share their testimonies and their reflections on the conflict and the situation of Syrian refugees. Event organized and coordinated by @uxilia Trieste, in co-operation with the Department of Political and Social Sciences of the University of Trieste.


@uxilia Trieste continues its commitment to the Syrian refugees with the Department of Political and Social Sciences of the University of Trieste and organizes a meeting on the conflict in Syria and the plight of refugees.

"The emergency in Syria" will be held Thursday, November 28 from 11 to 13 at the Sala Atti "Cacciaguerra" of the Department of Political and Social Sciences, Central University of the area of Piazzale Europa 1, right wing, first floor.


Sebastiano Nino Fezza

Video Reporter RAI

His entire career has distinguished an experience in the field in areas marked by bloody wars and violence. He has made numerous reports and says: "A story that is not told, does not exist ...".

Shady Hamadi

Syrian writer

Born in Milan, to an Italian mother and a Syrian father, until 1997 could not return to Syria because of the exile of his father, an opponent of the regime. Since 2011, with the outbreak of the Syrian uprising, he chooses to be with his people and becomes a human rights activist.

Yakzan Shishakly

President of Maram Foundation

Syrian-American businessman, with the outbreak of the conflict has chosen to be on the side of those who have lost everything and now lives permanently on the Turkish-Syrian border. In 2012 he founded the non-profit organization that is dedicated to providing humanitarian aid to Syrians, especially to the thousands of displaced people in the field of Atma.




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