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Presentation of the book “Faces and Voices from the World” during the Turin Book Show


10 May 2012 6pm

Lingotto Fiere

Faces and Voices from the World” is a book written by and published by Rai Eri and @uxilia Onlus. It’s an account about culture and society in the Developing Countries, from the point of view of a journalist, a soldier and a medical doctor.

The book is not only a dolly shot of writings and photos about places, people and situations, but also a tale about experiences and evidences from a world which is far from us only because of geography.: different territorial contests as well as different points of view, different motivations, different approaches and plans referring to the cooperation.

Anyway, humanitarian aid is always aimed to help development and to protect health rights. These elements are essential to warrant both political and economical stability, not only in poor and forgotten Countries but also in the rest of the world, which is now connected and globalized.

Will take part, in the RAI space:

Massimiliano Fanni Canelles

@uxilia Onlus’ President and Medical Doctor belonging to ASS 4, Director of Social News

Giorgio Fornoni

Freelance reporter, cooperating with REPORT

Danilo Prestia

Italian Army Colonel belonging to the Folgore Paratroops Brigade

Carlo Romeo

Responsible for the RAI Social Secretariat

Moreover there will be a presentation of the book from Alma Grandin "WWW.VIRACCONTOILTG1". In the RAI  space, together with the writer, also Piero Gaffuri and Alberto Maccari will be present.

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