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Presentation of the 2nd volume of the book “Juridical Fairy Tales” in Tavagnacco


March 12th 2012 9pm

Auditorium in Feletto Umberto
Tavagnacco (Udine)

Fairy Tales are made to help the most young to reflect on complex themes that are often thought to be something for adults. Using fairy tales it’s possible to convey really important themes, like respect for basic human rights.

The publishing project belongs to Ester Molinaro, illustrations are from Lorenzo Terranera, the book is published by Massimiliano Arena.

@uxilia onlus and Arena Editions, in cooperation with the Comprehensive School Institute of Tavagnacco (Udine), will present the 2nd volume of “Juridical Fairy Tales – how to explain to the little ones things belonging to the adults”.

The project was realized with the support of Regione Autonoma Friuli Venezia Giulia – Central Management for Culture, Sports, International and Community Relations, with the sponsorship of the Department of Justice - , juvenile justice department and the Innocents’ Institute.

The book includes 10 new tales, inspired by some articles of the UNO Convention for Childhood Rights, ratified in New York on November 20th 1989.

Ester Molinaro, a lawyer in the Court of Rome, once again chooses fairy tales as the perfect instrument to educate children about the different facets which characterize our society.

Connecting fairy tales and reality, imaginary characters in magical contexts tell about legislative and jurisprudential concepts that couldn’t otherwise be transferred to children.

They explain to the little ones things that belong to the adults: the world of rights and duties, International Protection Documents, the tragedy of Child Soldiers, ethnic and religious conflicts, health rights, the right to play, the right to freely express oneself.

During the morning the presentation was attended by children and teachers from the Comprehensive School Institute of Tavagnacco (UD). The host was Gloria Aita, headmaster of the Comprehensive School Institute of Tavagnacco (UD); other participants were: the writer Ester Molinaro; the co-publishers, Massimiliano Fanni Canelles, president of @uxilia Onlus and director of Socialnews, and Massimiliano Arena (from Arena Editions), “street lawyer” specialized in juvenile low; the Director of Education Pietro Biasol; the Regional Councillor, Roberto Novelli; the Regional Chairman of the Education, Roberto Molinaro.

The fairy tales:  

Even the Articles can speak

Introduction to the UNO Convention of 1989

The Prince and the Life

The right to Life – article 6 of the Convention

Nice to meet you, I am…

The right to a name, to citizenship and to one’s own identity - article 7 of the ConventionUna News walking around the world

The right to express oneself and to receive information – articles 12, 13 and 17 of the Convention

Like many sunbeams

The right to freedom of conscience, opinion and religion – article 14 of the Convention

My dear diary…

The right to privacy - article 16 of the Convention

Moon and stars

The right to a family contest. The adoptions – articles 20 and 21 of the Convention

Like in a big orchestra

The right to health - article 24of the Convention

Like in magic

The right to education - articles 28 and 29 of the Convention

Playing with the law

The right to play and rest - articles 31 and 32





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