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Seminar “The International Aspect in the Health Politics of the Autonomous Region FVG

Seminario su Le Dimensioni Internazionali della Politica della Salute Regione Autonoma FVG




July 4th 2011 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Conference Hall – CARIGO Foundation

The seminar faces different themes, from the sanitary priorities during humanitarian emergencies to the cooperation projects aimed to protect mothers and children health.

The meeting dedicated to the humanitarian actions obtained meaningful results both regarding the attendance, almost one hundred people were present, and regarding the sharing of contents.

Gianfranco De Maio and Claudio Bertoldo from MSF, talked about their experiences in humanitarian emergencies, focusing on the intervention in a refugee camp. Giovanni Putoto, form Cuamm, talked about their programs and projects aimed to protect mothers and children health in sub-Saharan Africa. Both these interventions drew our attention on extremely actual and urgent problems, offering many starting points to debate and examine in depth.

The moderator of the day, Massimiliano Fanni Canelles, collected many statements from the public. These statements underlined how, referring to the possible improvement and innovation of the health system in our region, projects and experiences in medical and humanitarian missions draw to our departments and services an added value in terms of expertise, team-work capacities and productivity.

During the seminar, the Health Central Directorate exposed the first data obtained by the census, among the FVG Health System, of the professionals owning competence about international cooperation projects and Humanitarian interventions. In the present moment about 130 of these professionals were detected, but adhering to the census is still possible by filling a questionnaire that can be downloaded from the link you’ll find down here.

The theme “ sustainable/appropriate technologies in the health system” also gained interest and participation: Dr. Busato, a medical doctor with more than ten years experience in humanitarian interventions, offered precious solicitations.

We are preparing a feasibility suggestion, to be submitted to the Regional Administration, for the launch of a referral centre about medical technologies for PVS. Anyone willing to contribute to the finalizing of this proposal can contact us through this e-mail address: internazionale@welfare.fvg.it

For any information or deeper analysis: Community Welfare Area ASS. 5 Bassa Friulana, call 0432 933127-141 or write an e-mail to internazionale@welfare.fvg.it

THE EDUCATIONAL EVENTS, organized within the operating plan “The International Aspects of the Health Politics” in 2011, begun in Trieste on May 6th, with the info-day on Public Health Programs and finalized research. This event was followed, on May 16th in Gorizia, by a seminar on the international social and health cooperation activities of our Region, and on May 17th -18th by the final conference in Villa Manin about the “Interreg IV Italy Austria” project for juvenile disadvantage and alcohol linked problems.

Furthermore, within the ASS. 5 Bassa Friulana, there still is an ongoing project called “Instruments for International Planning in the Health Field” which actively involves almost 50 operators of our Regional Health System (SSR).

A detailed communication will follow about the information activities during the next months. Two examples of these activities are: a seminar on the Regional strategies for aided life environments within the “Active and Healthy Ageing”, and the already publicized educational path on international cooperation and the humanitarian actions dedicated to the social and health field.




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