"Tra venti anni non sarete delusi dalle cose che avete fatto...ma da quelle che non avete fatto!"
Mark Twain

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Make Able Project: Europe without mental hospitals 




May 7th 2011

ISIS C auditorium. Percoto

@uxilia Onlus makes its intervention, during one of the days dedicated to the project, on the theme “Man’s Madness: between power and foolishness”. The project aims to realize learning spaces for people whose difficulties are due to mental disabilities, that should be applicable in a European context.

The European project Make Abel is funded by the European Union within Grundtvig (Lifelong learning) and, from May 5th to 8th 2011, the University Without Age of Campoformido hosted the delegations coming from the project partners Countries such as Great Britain, Spain, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Belgium.

The project formula is rather innovative, as its organized in order to be applicable even in other social contests: the users indeed are enabled to learn and define new and underway contents and working procedures, in a solidarity background. The idea sounds like this: I come to you and look at how you work, when afterword you’ll come to me I’ll try to do my best on the base of my resources and abilities. All this happens naturally overcoming the linguistic and social barriers.

During the four Italian days, the delegations’ members will not only visit the most significant places in our Region and get to know some typical products from Friuli, but they will also be involved, together with the learners-users, in various activities organized by the University Without Age.

The USE Campoformido location has its own peculiarity in offering a center where different kinds of disability, mental and not, can integrate in a normal context. The observation/study will concern some activities among those which the association offers every year to its territory, and the same teachers will be on hand.

As well as the USE Campoformido, also the “synergistic vegetable garden” of the DSM in San Daniele will be displayed. Moreover, at the ISIS PERCOTO, will be held a convention named “For Europe Without Mental Hospitals” and there will also be a theater performance entitled “The Alienist”, guided and entirely organized by the boys and girls who usually attend the centers.

At the end of the meeting there will be the chance to visit the “Previous Mental Hospital of Trieste”, which was the first in Italy to be closed and where it's possible to see “The Marco Horse” that became the symbol of the struggle that gave birth to the Law nr 180.



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