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Theodore Roosevelt

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Doping in sport: just a matter of rules?



March 20, 2014 from 2:30pm to 5.30pm

Student House
Via Comitato, l’Università Friuliana, Gemona del Friuli 


If there is no more a rule to be broken, and one is free to take drugs or not, what's the problem? To answer this provocative question, and others related to it, @uxilia non-profit organization and the Jacques Maritain Institute shall, in cooperation with the Master of Science in Kinesiology from the University of Udine, organize a roundtable discussion on the meaning and values of sport.

The logic looks at the phenomenon of doping in sports exclusively in terms of performance and states, such as Al Pacino in Any Given Sunday, that "winning is not the most important thing, is the only thing that matters." The best possible result would seem the only end in sight of the athlete, and anything that allows him to achieve it is welcomed. Moreover, it is said, you play to win.

Consistent with this premise and invoking the freedom of each individual to take on the "business risk" typical of his profession there are plenty of proponents of liberalization of doping in sport. This, they say, would make, on the one hand, the phenomenon more controlled, secure and, on the other hand, is no basis for empowering practices, taking away their veneer of deception.




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