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November 30, 2013 at 18:30

Red Room
Trento, Piazza Dante 16

Meeting - Discussion with the video reporter Sebastiano Nino Fezza. Children in Syria need food, blankets and hope. We talk about this! Come and listen, but also come to propose. Come and hear what has been done ... but also think of what else we can come up with.



After the start of the conflict @uxilia monitored day-to-day evolution of the situation of the Syrian conflict. Attention has been focused on the situation of civilians and children in particular. Thanks to our contacts within the country, who have followed the movement of the population towards the Jordanian border into Iraq and into Turkey. We have identified in the area of border crossing Bab Al Hawa a particularly difficult situation with many spontaneous camps that arose in the open air. With the closure of the border Turkish transit camps have become permanent camps. In the area of Atma in Syria we had met the first refugees living under the olive trees, fresh air, without any means. The reporting had come through the Red Crescent Society in Syria and later by humanitarian organizations working in the country, Watan, IHH and finally Maram Foundation. The camps had experienced significant problems: lack of water, lack of adequate sanitation, lack of food, lack of tents, and lack of international organizations. In the six months in which we have followed the evolution of Atma, its population has grown from 4,000 to 25,000 people. The situation is precipitated by the arrival of winter passing through the phase of monitoring the preparation and organization of humanitarian intervention and the targeted delivery of humanitarian convoys.





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