"Agli anticonformisti, ribelli, a tutti coloro che vedono le cose in modo diverso e non amano le regole, perchè solo coloro che sono abbastanza folli da pensare di poter cambiare il mondo lo cambiano davvero"
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Presentation of the book "I listened to the tides" in Udine




May 15, 2013 at 6pm

Public Library

Cividale del Friuli (Udine), Piazzetta Chiarottini 5

An adult fairy tale that moves and makes you smile. The Diary of an intimate journey into the soul of a man rediscovering himself. A poignant evocation of the pain and the joyous affirmation of life. The evening will be introduced by Massimiliano Fanni Canelles.


An Italian "narrator" intimately lost, but in search of a new life. An ancient American city of the Old South with their living and hospitable beloved ghosts. A flower girl who loves shoes and worships the other. The cult of friendship and religion of Remembrance. A fisher cat that never strays from its harbor or from its peers, animals from the deep wisdom. A rich eccentric taxi driver who out of boredom becomes a psychologist by vocation. A statue that knows how to listen and an old African American who is pondering the great mysteries of life. A respected mayor, without a town hall. With other colorful characters intersecting on a scenario where the silvery blue of a large river and ocean tides merges every six hours with the green of the nature of the haunting beauty. And all together, give birth to a boundless and modern fairy tale where dreams and reality merge. The Diary of intimate journey into the soul of a man rediscovering himself. A poignant evocation of the pain and the joyous affirmation of life.

A novel that deals with mourning and rebirth, set and basically also dedicated to an "altrove da Milan," in the Old American South, Savannah, beautiful and historic coastal town of Georgia. Here the novel's protagonist returns after the loss of his wife Nina, trying to find himself in a place that together they had known and loved deeply over the course of many trips and during long and carefree stay at the homes of so many of their local friends . Savannah is not only the setting of the story but, from the first page, is a true heroin along with "other women" of the author, including Mother Nature. A novel intimately feminine, in which we discover an America far and near, who can provide answers to questions born in another place from which there is no escape. Edition digital and paper: the book first came out in ebook in English with great commercial success and critical aclaim in the United States. Finalist (unique Italian in a thousand participants) for the Global eBook Awards 2012 in Santa Barbara, California, and for the USA Best Book Awards 2012 in Los Angeles. In the original edition it has been adopted as reading material and exercise by the Department of Modern and Classical Languages at Georgia State University




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