"Il vincente vede opportunità' in ogni pericolo il perdente vede pericoli in ogni opportunità"
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Saturday May 11 2013


Fondation Cassa di Risparmio
Gorizia, Via Carducci 2

The project aims to tackle what many experts describe as a new "addiction" among young people (Internet), it is necessary to provide measures of re-education of the approach to this instrument, emphasizing the risks and potentials.



The project has three phases. In the first phase we will proceed to educate and organize the volunteers of the association to ensure that they acquire the knowledge to be transmitted later to the young people on the following topics:

1) General references.

2) Inew - media in Italy and in Europe:

             2.1) Internet as a technology and opportunity.

             2.2) Use and abuse of technology.

             2.3) Risks of the network.

In the second phase, there will be discussions in schools and at the same time a series of meetings with students, faculty, and families of the students involved, in order to assess the consequences of the impact of new technologies, in children's lives.

In the third phase, after the meetings in schools, a special section will be dedicated on the website where students, teachers and families of the students will be able to send e-mails on the topics covered during the meetings:

1) To ask for further explanation.

2) Have tips / suggestions.

3) Make proposals.

In addition, always connecting to the relevant page on the website of @uxilia recipients can fill out a (anonymous) online questionnaire that will be used by the association as an assessment tool. At the end of the project, the data collected will be disseminated through monthly social promotion, SocialNews, published by the association.




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