"L'invidia è quel sentimento che nasce nell'istante in cui ci si assume la consapevolezza di essere dei falliti"
Oscar Wilde

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Volunteering in the Cooperation with Developing Countries and International Collaboration

Il Volontariato negli Interventi di Cooperazione con i Paesi in via di Sviluppo e di collaborazione Internazionale



October 19, 2012 3pm

Conference Room - Lazaretto S.Elia

The encounter with the support and contribution of the Presidency of the Regional Council of Sardinia wants to be a sign of how we can and must act for the collective good and just how little is enough from those who have to those who live with nothing.


"Volunteering in the Cooperation with Developing Countries and International Collaboration": Resource the Interventions of Help for developing population and the Help and Integration of our national reality will provide a moment of shared reflection, a starting point from where to begin a new way of working together and an assessment on how to better utilize available resources. An invitation for those who will speak to express themselves by sharing a thought, a proposal, an example to follow, with the social network.


Georgio La Spisa

Councillor for Planning and Budget Region Sadinia

Sussana Orrù

Head of Social Policy Comune Di Cagliari

Concetta Amato

International Affairs Office and Community Sardinia Region




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