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Detainees and parents: Tell me a fairytale


Beneficiaries: detained mothers and fathers

Period of realization: October, 2014 – March, 2015

Financing source: Rotary Club Trieste Nord

Total cost: 2.500 Euros

Project status: underway

The project “Detainees and Parents: tell me a fairytale”, promoted by @uxiliaOnlus, supported by the Rotary Club Trieste Nord and activated at the Casa Circondariale of Trieste, presents itself as a prosecution of the projects “Detainees and Parenting” and “Talk to her: new technologies for a feminine prison”.


Activity Action 1: Skype to support parents in prison

After the experimental experiences, the project purpose is to allow all detained parents (women and men) who have children enrolled at compulsory schools and who have the benefit of parental responsibility, to make use of virtual meetings through Skype with their children’s teachers, helping the recovery of their parental role.

Activity 2 – Theoretical-practical radio phonic workshop: tell me a fairytale

The project purpose is to the realize a theoretical-practical radio-phonic workshop in order to apprehend the basic techniques of the audio files production and the creation of on-line products, the creative draft, the reading and registration, by the detained parents, of fairytales and stories destined to their children, thus contributing to keep the parent-child relationship alive. The project, financed by the Rotary Club Trieste Nord, has as its proponent subject and financing holder the voluntary association @uxilia Onlus, in collaboration with the Casa Circondariale of Trieste. The aim of the project is to initiate a supporting action for the parent-child relationship, when the parent is under detention status. On the detained parent’s right to participate, as much as possible, in the child’s life to whom she/he has maintained parental responsibility, it has been considered important to individuate a modality of communication that could guarantee to the parent to know the scholastic trend of the child.

Thanks to the active collaboration of the Director of the Casa Circondariale, dr. Ottavio Casarano, and of the Educational Area Office, represented by dr. Anna Bonuomo, it has been possible to individuate the detainees interested in the project.

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