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T@lk to her: new technologies for a feminine prison

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Beneficiaries: detained women – detained women’s families

Involved cities/regions: Friuli Venezia Giulia

Period of realization: February, 2014 – June, 2014

Financing source: Friuli Venezia Giulia Region – Central direction health, socio-sanitary integration and social politics – Integrated service system of interventions and social services.

Total cost: 3.000 Euros

Project statues: concluded

A project of support of parenthood in prison. The realization of the project represented a testing ground at National level, and maybe European, through which the detainees have the possibility to talk to their minor children’s teachers. 

The “T@lk to her” project is directed specifically to the feminine section of the prison of Trieste and intends to give continuity to the past project experiences of both involved associations. The project is structured in two complementary actions which have at their centre the support that new technologies can give to the women detained in the prison of Trieste to recover their “voice”, thus helping the rehab and reeducation path to which every punishment should tend.

After two experimental experiences, the project intends to allow the detained mothers who have children at primary and secondary schools and who have the benefit of parental responsibility, to do virtual meetings through Skype with their minor children’s teachers, thus helping the recovery of their parental role.

Second action- How a short film is created: from its composition to its realization.

With a workshop activity (cinematographic writing, realization of of a short film), this phase will allow the detained women to develop their creative ideas and to give voice and visual shape to their stories. This activity aims to help, through collective work method and with the support of workers in the sector, the development of self-esteem and critical sense, allowing the internal world, detained too, to be translated into image. The technologies and tools for the realization of this action will be given by the association Studio Openspace.

The project, financed by Friuli Venezia Giulia Region – central direction health, socio-sanitary integration and social politics – integrated system service of interventions and social services, “Detained parents and their children’s teachers at meeting through Skype”, has seen as its proponent subject and financing holder the voluntary association @uxilia Onlus, in collaboration with Casa Circondariale of Trieste and Studio Openspace. The aim of the project is to give life to a supporting action to the parent-child relationship, when the parent is under detention status. On the base of the right of the detained parents to participate, as much as possible, to his/her minor child’s life on whom he/she has maintained parental responsibility, it has been considered important to find a way of communication that would allow the parent to know his/her child’s scholastic trend.

Thanks to the active collaboration of the director of the Casa Circondariale, dr. Fabio Casarano, and to the Education Area Office, represented by drs. Anna Bonuomo, it has been possible to individuate the detainees interested in the project.  



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