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Gypsies and the Sinti: European citizens

sinti e rom

Beneficiaries: Students of secondary schools

Period of realization: September, 2013 – September, 2014

Financing source: Agenzia Nazionale Giovani – youths in action: youths initiatives 1.2

Total cost: 6.000 Euros

Project status: concluded

The project “Gypsies and the Sinti: European citizens” starts from the common interest of the members of the group for the themes of solidarity, of the recognition of the rights of equality and equal opportunities, in addition to the shared effort and desire of assuming an active role in favor of penalized subjects, victims of discriminations and/or marginalization. 

The project, mainly directed to the students of secondary schools, future electors and European citizens, aims to:

  • - Promote solidarity and tolerance between young people, in order to try to reinforce social cohesion;

  • - Dispel the “myths” that accompany the minority groups of Gypsies and the Sinti and, in this way, contribute to the dialogue between fellow citizens, to the mutual comprehension and integration of the Gypsy and Sinti communities on the territory, to the respect for cultural diversity;

  • - Reduce the distance, not only physical, between city and “field”;

  • - Make the youths aware on the rights that descend from European citizenship, its appendixes and opportunities highlighting, in particular, that these rights concern all European citizens indiscriminately, gypsies and Sinti included, and that a common effort is necessary for the effective and egalitarian application of these rights;

The project encourages, moreover, the young European citizens to take an active role, becoming themselves promoters of the change in their families and communities.

The realization phases are three:

  1. 1. Study preparation and organization of the activities: in this phase the youths of the working group will analyze the general themes of the project. In order to guarantee an equal and efficient distribution of the work, in line with their capacities and personal ambitions, each youth will analyze a specific theme of the project through studies and researches, institutional and informal contacts with personalities of the territory, making then available to the whole group the collected material and stimulating the debate through the organization of thematic focus groups. A series of meetings, every 15 days, will allow the sharing of the results of the researches and the reflections of each participant. In order to reach a better awareness and knowledge about the condition of the gypsies and Sinti’s minorities and about European citizenship rights, a study about applicable legislation and National and European jurisprudence will be conducted in this phase. In particular, it is going to be analyzed the affective application of the regional law n. 11/88 “A Tutela Della Cultura Rom Nell’ambito Del Territorio Della Regione Autonoma Friuli Venezia Giulia” (in protection to the Gypsy culture into the FVG territory). In this phase, it will be also elaborated a questionnaire on the model of the one used by ISPO (Institute for the studies on public opinion) of 2008 (quoted at p. 11, “Obiettivi e priorità”), to be distributed in a representative sample of secondary schools of Friuli Venezia Giulia.

  2. 2. Activity realization: in this second phase of the project, with the help of the coach and of the volunteers of @uxilia onlus and on the base of the contacts established during phase 1 with ONG and local institutions, participants will define the activities in detail, the division of the tasks and the times of realization of every element of the project, in particular:

  • - They will visit a representative sample of gypsie and Sinti settlements in Friuli Venezia Giulia (provinces of Trieste, Udine and Pordenone, and Majano);

  • - They will collect the testimonies of the representatives of competent public institutions and of the voluntary associations that operate in this sector;

  • - They will archive the material that appeared on the press and on local/national television in the last two years;

  • - They will subject the questionnaire arranged in phase 1 to the selected students, in order to anonymously collect the opinions and possible prejudices that young people have towards gypsy and Sinti communities.

  • On the base of these data and information collected:

  • - The group will open and update a Facebook page and a Twitter account so that the young authors will be able to communicate the evolution and realization of the project “Gypsie and Sinti: European citizens”;

  • - The group will realize a documentary video and a photo feature that illustrate the life conditions of this European ethnic minority, the role of the institutions and of the private organizations in the improvement of its social condition, and the stories of successful integration and good practices;

  • - The working group will fill a document of the rights of European citizenship that will be distributed in the secondary schools of Friuli Venezia Giulia that participate to the initiative and to the residents of gypsy and Sinti “grounds” of the region;

  • - The young participants will set up an exhibition in Trieste where the photos, the videos and the extracts of the testimonies collected during the course will be displayed;

  • 3. Evaluation of the work done, final approval and diffusion of the project. Once that the preliminary information have been collected the group, with the help of the coach, will make a first evaluation of the work done by every participant, of its implications for the continuation of the project, and of the difficulties found during its realization. After phase 2, at the conclusion of the core project is expected the writing, by each participant, of a final report that sums up the experience from an individual and collective point of view, the competences gained, the grade of satisfaction reached, the personal and professional growth realized through the project. The final results of “Gypsy and Sinti: European Citinzens” will be spread through:

  • - The distribution of the documentary video to the secondary schools of Friuli Venezia Giulia.

  • - The publication, on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter (link) of the above-mentioned documentary and its story.

  • - The realization of a website page of @uxilia dedicated to the activities of the project.

  • - The organization of an important cultural event in conjunction with the inauguration of the exhibition in Trieste where the photos, the videos and the extracts of the testimonies collected during the course will be displayed.

  • - The publication of the results of the project in a thematic issue of Socialnews.



Incontri formativi con il Liceo Classico Francesco Petrarca e l'Istituto Leonardo da Vinci di Trieste


Video Interviste agli studenti dell'I.S.I.S. Pertini di Monfalcone 


Video Interviste agli studenti del Liceo "Petrarca" di Trieste






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